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Futuritum communication services

FUTURITUM is a sole proprietorship in Kristiansand, run by Jørn A. Jensen. Futuritum provides consulting, text services, graphics and design for analog and digital platforms.

FUTURITUM offers expertise and experience from many years in the communications industry. Jensen has been associated with the communications agency Aptum AS since 1996, he has worked as production manager in a graphic company and been involved in textbook production. He has also worked as a media and communication teacher (2007–2019).

Jørn A. Jensen (1953) is a Norwegian communication advisor and writer, residing and working in his home town of Kristiansand. Jensen has published stories in various magazines and anthologies, and had his first story collection out in 2018 (Gjenkomst, Liv forlag). He is currently working as a free lance consultant, as well as contributing to the communication agency APTUM on a regular basis.

FUTURITUM Basis markedsdesign, organisasjonsnr. 970 347 542


Contact: joer-jen(at)

FUTURITUM and all original content, copyright © Jørn Arnold Jensen

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