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FUTURITUM represents opinions and comments by Jørn Arnold Jensen. He writes from a Northern European perspective and with a strong belief in humanitarian and social democratic values.

FUTURITUM is interested in cultural, technological and social phenomena of today – and tomorrow.

FUTURITUM is named as a composition of the verbal tenses futuritum (future tense) and preteritum (past tense), representing the connection between the now and the future.

Jørn A. Jensen (1953) is a Norwegian communication advisor and writer, residing and working in his home town of Kristiansand. Jensen has published stories in various magazines and anthologies, and had his first story collection out in 2018 (Gjenkomst, Liv forlag).


Contact: joer-jen(at)

FUTURITUM and all original content, copyright © Jørn Arnold Jensen

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